Hello there! Welcome to my virtual world where hopefully you will get an insight into my experience of backpacking around Asia and why I choose to visit the countries listed above.

If you are planning to venture to the same gems Iv been to, this website will hopefully help you with your decided destinations and give you an insight on what to visit and how to get there, cheaply but often not the quickest form of transportation 🙂 Or maybe the information Iv provided will change your mind and make you change your plans. Believe you me, changing plans is part of the game and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, so don’t worry about all that.

If you have already been lucky enough to have left your imprint on a small village or roamed the same streets I have, you will enjoy reading my experiences and hopefully compare your own, maybe the ones you have even forgotten, the good and the bad.

So enjoy and good luck!


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